Pizza is, without a doubt, one of the most popular foods in the world. It is universally known and loved, and people enjoy the delicious taste of pizza on a daily basis. It is a dish that is not only delicious, but shareable as well, making it the perfect choice for parties, gatherings, and family dinners. While pizzas are packed with flavour and great on their own, there are a number of drinks you can pair it with to complement its taste. Certain beverages will enhance the flavours so that you can enjoy your slice even more and the following guide will help you select the right beverage based on your favourite slice:

1. If you love pepperoni pizza, you should try pairing it with red wine. Pepperoni pizzas are a favourite for many because of its flavour, texture and salty elements. It provides pizza lovers with the perfect crunch and will hit all the marks when it comes to your taste buds. If you want to improve your eating experience with this type of pizza, pair it with a dry red wine because the acidity will enhance the ingredients and cleanse your palette. If you want a real explosion of flavours, try adding crushed red pepper to your pizza, which will take the flavours to a whole new level.

2. If you love cheese pizza, you should try pairing it with a bitter beer. Not everyone likes or wants additional toppings on their pizza and there are a lot of cheese lovers out there who are satisfied with a simple slice of perfectly melted cheese. If you fall under this category and love a plain or four-cheese pizza, try pairing it with a bitter beer because this will provide you with the perfect counterbalance to the sweetness that comes with a cheese pizza. The combination of cheeses mixed with tomato sauce and a crunchy crust will have a higher level of sweetness than meat pizzas and for this reason, a bitter beer is the perfect beverage.

3. If you’re a fan of a classic combination, your favourite slice of pizza and a soda is always a winner. Whether it’s nostalgia or the craving of a perfectly sweet and salty juxtaposition, this combination will leave you satisfied. A classic pizza can be a unique menu option, meat lover’s pizza, fresh vegetable toppings or a traditional New York-style slice. Regardless of which pizza you love, combining it with a soda is a classic pairing that will always satisfy your taste buds.

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