What’s not to love about pizza? Whether you make it yourself or grab one from your local pizza joint, you can make it your own with a few simple choices. But with so much variety, are you stuck on which toppings to choose this time around? Not to worry, as we have a list of the most popular pizza toppings to choose from.

A classic topping, you can’t go wrong with adding pepperoni to your next pizza order. There’s not much to say other than, it’s everyone’s favourite topping for a reason.

Thinking about adding mushrooms to your pizza? Well, as the earthy topping is a wonderful addition to any vegetarian or meat-lovers pizza, what are you waiting for? You’re guaranteed to love the flavours it has to offer.

It doesn’t matter how you like your sausage prepared, be it mild, spicy or in-between, it’s a great addition to a pizza. Pair it with a breakfast style pizza or add spinach and pesto to create something truly mouthwatering.

Whether they’re crispy or caramelized, onions will add a bit of sweetness and saltiness to your pizza. Red onions are better accompanied with barbeque flavours while white and yellow onions are great choices for fully loaded pizzas.

Extra Cheese
You can never have too much cheese of a pizza, especially if you’re looking for that satisfying cheese pull everyone craves. Consider even mixing the types of cheese available to go the extra mile.

Bell Peppers
Whether you like green, orange, red or yellow bell peppers, there’s a reason this one’s made the list. It adds texture with the crunch bell peppers are known for. Combined with a cheesy pizza, you’ve got yourself a dreamy combination everyone’s sure to love.

Add some healthy greenery to your pizza by throwing some spinach into the mix. If spinach isn’t your cup of tea, then try arugula, kale or other leafy greens to enhance the dish and provide a refreshing taste.

A misunderstood topping by many, pineapple is a favourite for those brave enough to try it. Even though it can make your pizza a bit soggy if left on there for a while, it adds great contrast with the more savoury toppings paired with it.

Fresh Basil
It doesn’t matter what else you have on your pizza, adding fresh basil will add an extra something to it. Even sprinkling some onto a basic cheese and tomato pizza will raise it to unbelievable levels.

Bacon is one of those food items that can go with just about anything, and pizza is no exception. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular pizza toppings around.

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