There are some things that you need to keep in mind about treating a pizza delivery person, or for that matter, anyone who is dealing in customer service or handling your food. Being courteous and polite is the basic expectation that we have from our customers. But most customers lack this basic set of manners when it comes to interacting with a pizza delivery person. Here are our few reminders when you have to communicate with anyone in the customer service industry.

It’s not a lifetime commitment
One of the things that makes taking a pizza order unduly difficult is when customers decide to dial the number and do not know what they want. And if there are more than one pizzas and topping preferences, it creates added chaos. Remember that as a pizza delivery person, we are committed to bringing you food at a reasonable price. However, the basic courtesy we ask for is to plan what you want and check with everyone before you decide to call us.

Knowing the address
More than often we have encountered people who either give the wrong area codes, the wrong apartment numbers or even the entire address. As a customer, it is imperative for you to give the correct address so you can get your food on time and we can also function on schedule.

Time is money
Unless we are free for a chat or you are one of our regular customers, please understand that we may not be ready for a 10-minute conversation about the weather. Not only are we paid on an hourly basis but are also expected to complete deliveries on schedule and help in the kitchen.

Keep your money ready
One of the most common and impolite things that people do is to start looking for money when the delivery person is standing at their doorstep with a pizza. Many people don’t even check if they have enough money before ordering a pizza and then try to look for change and cash in their pockets and bags and among their friends. Please be courteous and keep the exact amount or a credit card ready before the delivery person gets there.

To tip or not to tip
This is a tricky one. Many people choose to tip a ‘generous’ $1 for a $40 pizza. And many times the tip is also made from loose change that they have gathered from under their sofa cushions and kitchen countertops. If you are not sure how much to tip it is usually 10-15% of your total order value.

Next time you order pizza from Stan’s Pizza, the best pizza place in Burnaby, why not practice some of our pointers. Not only will it get you our delicious pizza with assorted toppings, but also make you a pro at ordering pizza.