Kick back and relax because you are about to have the best weekend! We are offering one of our best deals and a huge favorite among customers: the special Mega Munchies! This combo is perfect for big events, whether that be parties, movie nights, sleepovers – you name it! It includes one large pizza with one dip and you can choose up to three different fresh toppings. We guarantee that everyone will be reaching out for second and third helpings! We also offer ten wings, so there is plenty to go around for your party guests.

There is no better way to finish off a fantastic, filling meal than with dessert! Our options include:

  • A decadent chocolate cake (perfect for satisfying your chocolate cravings).
  • Chocolate pizza (for those who want something both sweet and savory).
  • Cinnamon pizza (if you would like a dessert that tastes like fall).

The entire combo is at a reasonable price of $32.95 and you only have to pay four dollars for delivery!

Here at Stan’s Pizza Joint, we have been making award-winning pizzas for over twenty years!

Want to try out Special Mega Munchies Combo this weekend while watching the game or just hanging out with friends? Call 604-298-5711! You can also visit our website for more information or send us an email at!