Stan’s Pizza Joint (SPJ) is dedicated to the safety and protection of its staff and customers. In order to reduce exposure and the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to employees and patrons, Stan’s Pizza Joint is taking precautionary measures that follow the health and safety guidelines set out by the Order of the Provincial Health Officer of B.C.

These procedures are to be recognized and obeyed by all employees and customers present at the restaurant. These measures must be taken seriously and are to be implemented immediately and continuously as outlined by the Provincial Ministry of Health.

The measures that SPJ is taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and risk of exposure to employees and patrons are, but not limited to, the following:


Protocols and procedures affecting Customers:

  • Customers are expected to stay home if feeling ill or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 i.e. fever, dry cough or difficulty breathing
  • SPJ has reduced services to pick-up and delivery orders only 
  • Signage related to COVID-19 protocols and risks have been posted on the outer doors and in the waiting area to remind patrons to physical distance and wash/sanitize their hands for safety
  • Directional arrows and distancing lines have been placed on the floor of the waiting area to outline a one-way flow of patron traffic that provides 2 meters between each customer
  • A limit of three customers will be allowed in the waiting area at any given time
  • Customers will be asked to wait outside of the restaurant for orders that are not yet completed if the customer limit is exceeded
  • Hand sanitizer is provided for customers at the pickup window and encouraged to be used before and after transactions are made
  • A plastic barrier has been installed at the pick-up window to separate patrons and staff during the transaction process
  • Furniture has been removed from the restaurants seating area to provide a larger space for waiting customers and allow for physical distancing
  • The customer waiting for the area and entrance/exit door(s) will be sanitized regularly adhering to a minimum of once per hour 
  • Entrance/exit door(s) may be propped open during busy hours of operation
  • Common surfaces such as payment machines and order counters will be sanitized after each customer interaction


Protocols and procedures affecting Kitchen Staff

  • The number of employees scheduled to work has been reduced where appropriate to reduce and maintain physical distance
  • Employees are expected to stay home if experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 and report any illnesses or symptoms to management 
  • Signage regarding safety protocols to reduce risks of COVID-19 has been posted in the kitchen and must be read and signed by all staff
  • Staff are required to wash their hands using soap for 20 seconds upon arrival and before leaving the premises during any work shift or visitation 
  • Employees are expected to wash hands regularly, especially before and after interactions with customers and when handling cash 
  • Workers are provided with PPE that may be used at their own discretion or if working in spaces that do not adhere to the physical distancing guidelines measuring 2 meters apart
  • Workstations must be sanitized after use and before shift changes occur
  • Kitchen equipment must be cleaned and sanitized between use by the employee that handled them
  • Employees are required to sanitize their own break stations after use and wash any dishes used for personal meals during this time
  • Workers are required to sanitize and wipe down all common spaces/high-touch surfaces before opening and closing each day (this includes phones, doors, counters, Deb/Cred machines, kitchen equipment, etc.)
  • Kitchen staff are urged to stagger delivery orders when multiple drivers are on duty to reduce foot traffic in the kitchen during busy hours


Procedures and protocols affecting Delivery Drivers

  • Delivery drivers are expected to stay home if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and report symptoms to management 
  • Drivers are required to wash hands with soap for 20 seconds when entering and exiting the kitchen
  • Drivers are required to sanitize Deb/cred machines between uses
  • Delivery drivers are responsible for sanitizing/cleaning driving spaces before work shifts begin
  • Drivers are asked to avoid gathering in narrow kitchen spaces and high traffic areas when waiting for orders to be completed
  • Drivers are encouraged to stagger delivery orders when multiple drivers are present to avoid crowding kitchen spaces