Pizza is always a favourite among crowds and it can go great with almost any drink. Besides eating pizza with carbonated drinks, you can also enjoy a large variety of pizza flavours with other beverages like a cold brew. Some beer blends can also taste better when matched with the perfect slice of pizza.

Although you might be familiar with wine and cheese nights, what if your guests are looking to get their fill of beer and pizza instead. If you are planning to host a beer and pizza party in Burnaby, these are some pairings that you should definitely give a try:

Match Your Pizza Meat with an IPA

There is always someone in your friend group who is a classic pepperoni pizza lover. However, it could be a bit difficult to balance out the greasiness of the pizza. India Pale Ale (IPA) works the best to balance out the saltiness of the pizza. By giving a distinct bitter flavour, IPA will allow you and your guests to pack down more slices without feeling too bloated from the meaty taste of the pizza toppings. Plus, IPA typically packs a stronger punch in comparison to other beer flavours.

Balance Crisp with Pale Ale

Our classic Joint Special is sweet because of the tomatoes and peppers with the tanginess of the cheese. You can try pairing the Joint Special with a pale ale which will help bring out the taste of its toasty crust and help balance out the tomato’s acidity. Pale ale’s lighter buzz will allow you to stay sober enough to keep enjoying the complexity of the flavours of your pizza slice.

Pair Sweetness with Stout

For any vegetarians at your party, our vegetarian pizza features tomatoes, pineapple, green peppers, onion, mushrooms and olives. It actually goes very well with milk and chocolate stouts to help increase the sweetness of the drink. You should definitely give this combo a try since it’s so unique you will just have to try it yourself.

Pair the Sweet Flavours with a Fruit Ale

Whether you think pineapple belongs on pizza or not, a Hawaiian pizza contains some complex yet lovable flavours which pair well with a fruit-based ale. Adding in this extra layer of fruit and Hawaiian, like strawberry, cherry or grapefruit, can help make an interesting blend of flavours with the pizza toppings. It’s a tasty blend that is fit for parties who want to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Wheat Beer and Classic Cheese

Don’t underestimate a classic cheese pizza. Although it is the cheapest option next to baked bread, it can be an awesome option for budget parties paired with a few cases of wheat beers. Drinkers who like light drinks can use the pizza’s simple texture and flavour to allow the beer to take the main stage for your taste buds.

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