Ordering a pizza over the phone is an easy way of guaranteeing a delicious meal without having to do much other than leave to pick it up from the restaurant of your choice. Or you could have it delivered to your front door, what’s better than that? With this guide, you’ll be able to successfully order a pizza every time.

Decide Where You’re Ordering From

Before you can place a pizza order, you have to decide what you’re ordering. You also need to determine whether or not your desired pizza place accepts orders over the phone. The best way to do this is to call the restaurant or check out their website. Once it’s clear they take phone orders, choose whether or not you want the pizza delivered directly to you or to pick it up from the restaurant yourself. Make sure they deliver to your area if you decide that’s what you want, and that there will be a delivery fee attached to the sum of your order.

What Do You Want?

Consult the pizza menu from the restaurant of your choice to determine everything you’d like to order before making the call. You can either check their website for an online menu or call and have an employee read you their options. There’s much to consider when ordering a pizza, including the size, type of crust, available toppings, and other options. And don’t forget about the sides! If you’re having an event or gathering that requires a lot of food, consider ordering drinks, appetizers, desserts, and other dishes to complement the pizza. Write down large orders so you can give the restaurant an accurate and coherent order, making it less likely that there will be mistakes in your order upon arrival.

Placing Your Order

Always be polite when calling any establishment, especially one that’ll be handling your food. Greet them warmly before giving them your order. Make sure to state at the beginning whether it’s a delivery or pick up. When placing your order, speak slowly and clearly, reading off an order sheet if you have to, to make sure you don’t miss anything or get confused by the large order. If you have coupon codes or a gift card, let them know before completing your order.

Confirm the price before agreeing to the order and giving the restaurant your address for delivery. If you’re in an apartment or condo, provide your unit number and the necessary means to enter the building if you’re not going to meet them in the lobby. If you’ve decided to pick up the order, just give them your name and phone number.

Paying for Your Order

This depends on the specific pizza restaurant. They may ask for payment over the phone for deliveries if you’re paying by credit card, or have a debit machine upon arrival. If you’re picking it up, then you’ll pay at the restaurant. While it’s not necessary, a tip is usually included when having a pizza delivered, and is anywhere from 15 to 20% of the order’s total. However, you’re free to tip as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

Have your method of payment ready as you wait for your delivery to arrive. Make sure to stay close to the front door and listen out for their arrival. If it’s dark out, turn on an outdoor light to help guide the driver to your door. Wait for the doorbell to ring or for the delivery driver to call you once they’ve arrived. If you’re picking up your order, the restaurant may give you a time frame of when you should be at the restaurant or call once your order is ready.

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