Pizza is one of the most popular food items around the world. It is a favorite for many and this is no surprise because it is simply delicious. The taste you get from every slice will satisfy your taste buds and the truth is that you can never really go wrong with a hot and fresh pizza.

Whether pizza is your favorite food or just something you enjoy once in a while, you will be interested to know that there are ways to identify a truly great pizza. Certain aspects will separate a good pizza from an average one, so if you want the best slice, it is important to notice the following:

Always look at the crust and the border of the pizza. In order for it to be light, crispy, and good, it must contain a lot of air but if they are full of dough and too heavy, it is a sign that the pizza was not leavened properly.

A good pizza will have the perfect ratio of ingredients. Whether it’s the combination of tomato and cheese or a mix of other toppings, it is very important that they complement the base of the pizza. The dough should never be considered a basic component because it is the foundation that holds all of the ingredients together. If the dough is not right, the toppings will not be able to hide it and the pizza will not taste as good as a result. The toppings and base must complement one another, and one mistake that is often seen is the use of too many toppings, which takes away from the taste.

The Condition Of The Cheese
Overcooked cheese is never a good thing and customers can tell if mozzarella is burnt. The cheese must be cooked perfectly; otherwise, it will taste bad instantly. Too much grease will also taste bad and this is easily noticeable because the pizza will be covered in orange spots. This is an indication that the tomato mix and cheese were not balanced properly and the ingredients did not mix well as a result. The mozzarella should be just right and enough to lightly cover most of the pizza without mixing it into the sauce.

The Colour Of The Tomatoes
Fresh tomatoes are bright red and this should stand out when you order a pizza and eat a fresh slice. If the tomatoes are not fresh, they will turn into a dark color and will cause too many conflicting flavors as they were likely precooked. Look out for colors on your pizza as it will indicate how fresh the ingredients are.

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