Not all pizzas are made equally, and you can tell by the taste. Biting into a mediocre slice of pizza can ruin your day; just as biting into one with a crispy crust, creamy cheese and delicious sauce can put you on a cloud.

The basic elements are the most important part of a pizza, with the toppings coming in second. It’s easy to grab a quick, mediocre slice of pizza from down the street, but pizza is meant to be chosen with care and enjoyed slowly, not rushed. That’s why we’ve put together a guide on what to look for to help you enjoy an excellent slice of pizza:

The Crust is of Prime Importance
The main component of a great pizza is the dough itself. When you get your pizza slice, make sure to check it out first! The dough of your pizza should be cooked well on the outside, and crispy. However, the inside should be fluffy, soft, and melt in your mouth. In a great pizza, the dough should be given enough time to rise. The oven that the pizza is prepared in also makes a difference. It should allow the dough to be cooked to perfection.

Perfectly Melted Cheese
The cheese on pizza is everyone’s favorite part! It should stretch and melt in your mouth. A semi-melted pizza slice or a slice lacking sufficient cheese is a sign of mediocrity. Your cheese should be melted just right. It should not be too slippery or the toppings will fall off.

Flavourful Sauce
Pizza sauce is usually made up of tomatoes, basil, garlic, and salt. That sounds simple, but sometimes the sauce can taste flavorless or overwhelming. Pizza sauce should be evenly distributed on your slice, with not too much to make a mess. If there’s the excess sauce, the slice will be too soggy and not that enjoyable.

Evenly Distributed Toppings
Whether you order a plain pepperoni or a slice with more than three toppings, the best pizza will have them distributed properly. Your slice should give you a taste of every topping while letting you enjoy the basic pizza elements. A hastily made slice may not have enough toppings or may not be placed properly so they fall off with every bite. The taste of the toppings can also make or ruin the slice. They have to be fresh, cooked properly, and taste delicious!

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