Pizza is undeniably one of the most popular and recognized foods in the world. They are delicious and comforting and there are so many variations to choose from, regardless of what your topping preferences are. The perfect pizza should not only have your favourite toppings but a crispy crust as well, which is not always so easy to achieve. 

There are a few factors that will affect whether or not you get that perfect crust that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. If you want to make sure your pizzas aren’t soggy, you must consider the following:

  1. First and foremost, you need to consider your oven. High heat ovens will help you achieve the perfect crispiness. The fast baking speed and high temperatures of brick ovens and the radiant heat of deck ovens are both great options and will consistently help you achieve delicious pizzas with perfect crusts. Metal pans and bake trays are sometimes used when a high heat oven is not an option, but the inconsistent heat retention will result in sogginess which will turn customers away. Pizza stones are ideal because they retain and distribute heat evenly producing a perfect pizza every time.
  2. Dough proofing is the second technique that requires both time and attention because it is considered an art. It may take some time to perfect the process but it is very important that you do because the way you proof your dough balls and how well you do them will determine the success of your crust before you even put it in the oven. You must pay close attention to the colour and size of your dough ball and apply the right temperature, time, and tools to ensure a crust that is both delicious and appetizing. 
  3. Finally, your dough manufacturer’s products will play a large role in the success of your pizzas and their crusts. They can provide you with dough balls with excellent hand-tossing or sheeting capabilities that will take your pizzas to the next level and keep your customers coming back time and time again. They can also provide you with a different range of sizes so that your dough balls are perfect for your business size and needs.

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