Ordering pizza is a classic move for your Friday nights. Typically, less than an hour after you place an order, a driver shows up at your door with a hot and tasty pizza in hand. But before you drive into the pizza slice by slice, you should consider the tip.

Why do You Tip Delivery Drivers?

Delivery drivers typically don’t make much more than minimum wage, if that. On top of that, they have to pay for car insurance and gas on their vehicle, which slims down that profit margin considerably. Additionally, if you are ordering pizza, it’s a convenience for them to bring it to you rather than go pick it up yourself. Not to mention driving conditions in Burnaby can get crazy during snowy winter months!

Tipping Percentage Breakdown

20% – If you’re tipping 20%, either that service was great or you’re just great! 20% is typically above average, and is sincerely appreciated!

15% – 15% tip is fairly standard and is a general unspoken tipping norm.

10% – If you had a crummy experience with your delivery order, you may tip 10%. This is on the lower side but any tip is appreciated, of course!

You don’t necessarily need to tip percentages either. Tipping percentages are more common at restaurants than with delivery orders. You can usually tip between $3 and $5 for an order under $20 and around $10 to $20 for orders over $100.

What if I Didn’t Get My Correct Order?

If you didn’t get the right order, don’t shoot the messenger. Many occurrences of incorrect orders are not the driver’s fault, instead, the pizza place itself may be at fault. Everyone makes mistakes and the best way to solve this issue is to call the restaurant and let us know the problem.

When you tip, you don’t have to be secret about it, you can politely thank them for their delivery and hand over the money. This communicates that they have done a good job and also lets them know that the money you are offering is for them.

Now that we have gotten through that, go enjoy your pizza! Stan’s Pizza Joint is always proud of our delivery drivers for delivering our delicious pizzas right to your door! Order from our combo menu for free delivery!