We know what toppings we want, the dough we’re choosing and even the pizza sauce, but what about the most important part of the pizza – the crust! The foundation of the pizza is extremely important and dictates the entire taste, texture, and density of the pie. Pizza crust types have certainly evolved over time with a variety of types to choose from, which makes it difficult to know which to decide on! 

Stan’s Pizza makes it easy for you! Our pizza experts have compiled your go-to guide on the different pizza crust types to help you decide which pizza pie is best for you! 

Thin Crust 

Thin crust has become ubiquitous over the years, popping up as the popular, first-rate choice for pizza lovers everywhere. There is more to a thin crust than just the “flop factor!” Here are the thin-crust varieties: 

  • Neapolitan: Deemed the original Italian pizza pie, the Neapolitan pizza is well known for its crispy texture from a wood-fired oven. The perfect, authentic Italian slice, this thin crust pizza has the perfect “flop factor,” slightly blackened bubbles and makes for a delicious, simple crust that’s a fan favorite for most. 
  • New York Style: This crust is splashed across films and TV shows with characters deliciously consuming the big, wide wedged New York pizza. The crust is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside to allow pizza lovers to fold the large pie in half and eat. 
  • St. Louis Style: Distinguished for it’s round, thin, cracker crust, St. Louis pizza crust is often sliced into squares instead of the common wedges. A popular cut, the St. Louis is perfect for parties and gatherings among pizza enthusiasts. 

Thick Crust 

Thick crusts are known for being able to handle ample toppings and hearty sauce without falling to pieces. The delicious different thick crust recipes should not be ignored either. Here are the thick crust styles: 

  • Pan Pizza: Half an inch less thick than the other thick crust varieties, the pan pizza is a perfect balance for many pizza eaters. Known for its buttery taste and soft, but not chewy texture, this crust has become highly popular in North America. 
  • Deep Dish: Deep dish is noted for being highly dense, with crusts being up to two inches. The crust is baked in a well-oiled, deep-dish pan until the pie is fried and crisped to perfection. 
  • Sicilian: the Sicilian crust is famous for having over an inch of thickness and is shaped in rectangular cuts. 

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