When it comes to choosing a side to go with pizza, matters can get pretty confusing. After all, the critical decision of choosing a side means a lot since this side has to compliment your delicious pizza. Today’s pizza places offer a never-ending list of sides to go with their pizza, but there are only a few recipes that make a great fit as a side dish with pizza. Here is a list of what are your best options when you want to pick the right side dish to go with your pizza.


Salads are a great option to pair as a side dish with a pizza. Not only do they compliment pizza in terms of providing nutrition but also make a great flavour. If you are someone who likes the crispness of Romanian lettuce combined with creamy dressing, baked croutons and parmesan, Caesar salad is a perfect companion to go with your pizza. The flavour and taste of Caesar salad compliments almost every kind of pizza and serves as a great side. Alternatively, you can also opt for a slightly stronger flavour with a spinach salad to contrast the bittersweet taste of your cheese tomato pizza. Together, spinach, cheese and tomato make a great combination and a flavour blast. If your cheesy pizza just isn’t enough for the cheese lover inside you, try a Greek salad. A Greek salad includes feta cheese, Greek dressing, red onions, peppers and kalamata olives to give a lucid flavour combined with a cheesy twist without overpowering the taste of your favourite pizza.

Wraps and sandwiches

If you are a wrap and sandwich lover rather than a bowl full of healthy tossed veggies, quesadillas and sandwiches can make a perfect companion with pizza. Especially when it comes to changing the flavour every now and then quesadilla and sandwiches can help you alternate the taste with a pizza without dominating your palette. Most sandwiches and quesadillas can contain anything you can think of, right from the freshly produce vegetables to sauteed and succulent meats.


If you are a meat lover, nothing says ‘I love pizza’ more than siding it with a perfectly cooked plate of smoking hot wings. With a succulent consistency and honey garlic, teriyaki and Thai chilli or BBQ twist, you can enjoy the sharp contrast between your cheese pizza and the spicy hot wings. Hot wings complement the simplest of pizzas and add to their flavour making them a favourite among pizza lovers. Not only this, but they are also a perfect option when two pizzas may be too much and one pizza is not enough. A plateful of hot wings adds just the right portion and flavour.

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