Pizza is arguably the most popular food around the world, and it’s a go-to meal whenever someone wants a tasty and delicious treat. Whether you’re having a party or want to order in, pizza is ideal, and everyone will have a craving for this dish.

While pizza is certainly delicious, it’s not considered the best food when it comes to a healthy diet, but choosing nutritious toppings can help turn your pizza into a healthy dish. It’s not recommended that you eat pizza every day, but you can experience health benefits by choosing the following toppings:

Red peppers

This ingredient will provide you with a strong and sweet flavor, and because peppers are full of vitamins, they are considered healthy, so you can enjoy this topping. Peppers also contain antioxidants, and different varieties like green, yellow, and orange also contain important nutrients.


If you enjoy protein on your pizza, ham is a great choice because it is lower in fat than sausage or bacon. Most people do like some form of protein on their pizza, and ham is the best choice because there are about seven grams of fat in a three-ounce serving.


Adding fruit as a topping is a great idea, and pineapple is the perfect ingredient. This sweet fruit will satisfy your craving for sugary foods and what’s especially great is that one cup of pineapple contains one hundred percent of your daily recommended intake of manganese, which will help your body create energy. This nutrient has other health benefits as well, so you can’t go wrong with this topping.


Crushed garlic will take the flavor of your pizza to a whole new level and will not add a lot of calories, so it is a great topping. There are a number of heart-healthy benefits associated with garlic, including the promotion of better cholesterol levels and the decrease of heart disease risks.


Not only will this topping provide you with great flavor, but it will also provide you with nutrition and minimal calories as well. Mushrooms contain protein and a high dose of selenium, which will help protect your body against free radicals.


This is possibly the healthiest pizza topping you can consider because spinach is loaded with tons of antioxidants. It contains zeaxanthin and lutein, which protect the eyes, and the iron will help build your blood.

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