At Stan’s Pizza Joint, we care about our reputation and this is why we make all of our pizzas with love. Every slice is baked to perfection and we are experts at satisfying your taste buds! Whether you’re a regular client of ours or are thinking about giving our pizza shop a try, the following are a few fun facts about our business:

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

We take pride in our pizzas and ensure every bite is perfect. We make sure all of our clients are happy because customer satisfaction is a priority, and we only provide pizzas that are delicious and tasty. Our customers come back time and again to eat our pizzas and we work hard to ensure they are always pleased.

The City Of Burnaby Loves Our Pizzas

We are known as one of the best pizza joints in the Burnaby area and our reputation has taken us very far. We guarantee a perfect slice every time and this is why our clients come back to visit us. Our pizzas are loved by children and adults, and we work hard to put a smile on everyone’s face after they take a bite. This is why most people in Burnaby have heard of us and why our business is successful.

Our Pizzas Are Always Fresh

In order for a pizza to be delicious, it needs to be fresh, and we make sure this is the case with every one of our pizzas! We prepare our dough daily and only use vegetables that are fresh and tasty. We are very hands-on and ensure only the best ingredients make it onto our pizzas, so if you are looking for quality ingredients and fresh slices, you will love our pizzas.

We Offer Delivery

While we love having customers in our pizza shop, we also understand that sometimes, you just want a fresh pizza delivered right to your door. For this reason, we offer delivery so that we can bring our delicious pizzas right to your door. Whether you have a craving for pizza or want to order one after a long day, we can help and our delivery team would be more than happy to provide you with this service.

We Are Open Every Day

Whenever you get a craving for pizza, we want to make sure we can cater to your needs and that is why we don’t close and are open every day of the week. Whether you need a pizza to brighten up your Monday after-work blues or have a weekend craving, our shop can help satisfy your taste buds, so you can come and visit us or place an order for delivery any day of the week.

Stan’s Pizza can provide you with the best pizza in all of Burnaby, and whether you want to pick up your pizza from our shop or prefer delivery, we can help. If you want to eat a delicious pizza, give us a call now!