Pizza is such a broad term; there are millions of different pizzas that places offer. It turns out that most people just know about the traditional pepperoni, veggie, and Hawaiian pizza, but what many do not know is that there are millions of pizzas that exist and many people do not know about. All different cultures and backgrounds provide a variety/selection of pizzas, many of which have little too many toppings and different spices, which gives each dish its own unique taste.

We’re not saying you haven’t tried pizzas other than pepperoni, vegetable, and Hawaiian, but most would admit they do. You shouldn’t be afraid to try new things, find out what you like, and let your taste buds go wild. Let your imagination get the best of you when it comes to food and pizza; who doesn’t love pizza, right? We are going to list five pizzas you HAVE to try before you die, and hope that you consider buying our unique styles of pizza from a wide range of what we have to offer.

Mini Meat Feast: With a variety of different meats, including pepperoni, bacon, and Italian sausage, your taste buds will be bursting with flavor after you take a bite into this delightful pizza.

Aloha Special: It’s a taste of Hawaii delight right in your mouth. The toppings of the pizza are loaded with ham, bacon, and pineapple.

Mini Burrito: This is one of our signature dishes, the toppings are pretty self-explanatory by its title but it’s a literal burrito in the form of a pizza, I mean who wouldn’t want to try it?

Chinese Chicken: There’s a chance that if you love Chinese cuisine, you will absolutely love this pizza. The toppings include hoisin sauce, chicken, pineapple, onion, green pepper, and mushrooms.

Chicken Alfredo: Imagine pasta and now imagine pasta on a pizza, well you’re in luck with this dish, our toppings include alfredo sauce, chicken, bacon, garlic, onion, tomato & mushroom.

The chances are that after reading the list, your mouth is watering. We hope it’s a variety of different cultural cuisines in the form of a pizza, everyone’s favorite dish. At Stan’s Pizza Joint, we provide the best pizza and pizza delivery services at our store located in Burnaby. Don’t be afraid to contact us and start your pizza journey today!