Fluctuating air temperatures, shifting weather patterns and humidity will all impact pizza dough negatively. While you can’t control the weather, you can certainly manage the environment where you prepare the dough so that your crust remains delicious and consistent.

The following four tips will ensure your pizza remains of the highest quality and always tastes great and best:

  1. In order to achieve the best flavor and texture for your crust, you must control yeast activation, which is incredibly important, especially when mixing your own dough. Warm water is what typically initiates yeast fermentation but if the water and air temperatures are the same, it may cause the dough to rise too quickly, which is why you must align water and air temperatures correctly. Warmer days require the use of ice water to help slow yeast fermentation and use warm water on cooler days to help achieve the perfect dough.
  2. Humidity does influence dough absorption, which is why many pizza makers adjust the amount of water used while also adding a specific amount of oil to enhance both the quality and performance of their crust. The oil acts much like water because it makes the dough softer and easier to deal with when humidity is present. The trick is to know when to add the oil to the dough mix so that you don’t run into crust inconsistencies and ruin your batch of dough. It’s better to add the oil after your flour is hydrated so that the gluten forms properly.
  3. Ensure you have a designated proofing area for your dough and that this space is not in close proximity to cooler doors or direct sunlight and any other factors that can result in temperature fluctuations and ruin your dough. This is especially important if you make use of pre-made dough balls, which many pizzerias do because it saves time and helps with consistent pizza preparation. In order for your dough balls to taste delicious, you will have to control the proofing area and how it relates to temperature.
  4. The temperature of the equipment and preparation area must be monitored closely; otherwise, the integrity of your pizza dough and crust will be affected negatively. Adjust the heat or air conditioner in the kitchen, calibrate your oven and be mindful of the temperature of your walk-in cooler because these factors matter, and attention must be paid to them.

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