There’s nothing quite as delicious as a slice of authentic pizza because the combination of fresh toppings and dough will make your taste buds jump. Cheese is one of the most important components of a pizza and in addition to its delicious taste, it will provide you with a number of health benefits as well. Cheese tastes great and because of its nutritional benefits, it is good for you, too, so eat plenty of it and enjoy it!

Regardless of your preferences in toppings, cheese is a mandatory part of any pizza and here are just a few of the benefits it provides:

High in calcium

Your calcium intake is very important because this is what keeps your bones strong and healthy. Calcium will also help prevent fractures and breaks and will reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis as you age. This is fantastic news for pizza lovers because one slice will provide you with a portion of your daily recommended calcium intake. Most of us will not stop at just one slice, meaning you may even get half of your daily recommended intake, depending on the number of slices you eat.

High in protein

In addition to providing calcium, cheese is also high in protein, meaning it will help keep your muscles strong and healthy. The amino acids found within the protein are the building blocks of muscle and are also present in other pizza toppings, including meats. A single slice can provide you with a portion of your daily value!

Boosts metabolism

Butyrate is a fatty acid that cheese contains and this can help boost your metabolism and may also help you lose weight. Cheddar, parmesan and blue cheese all contain high amounts, so you can switch up the type of cheese you put on your pizza for a different taste, all of which will provide this benefit. Pizza is not exactly a light dish, so monitor the amount of slices you eat because excessive amounts will not be considered healthy, nor will it help you lose weight. Portion control will help you experience the benefits that pizza and cheese provide, so be mindful of this aspect.

Helps prevent cancer

The butyrate found in cheese can do more than help with weight loss because it is known to nourish colon cells and reduce inflammation as well, which may help prevent colon cancer from developing. There’s no harm in adding extra cheese to your pizza because it may provide you with more benefits than you’re aware of, so don’t be scared to ask for more cheese!

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